Joseph Mccarthy And Abigail Williams Essay

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Abigail Williams in The Crucible by Arthur Miller and Joseph McCarthy in Good Night and Good Luck have similar in behaviors, beliefs, and motives by how they both blamed and accused many people. Abigail Williams and Joseph McCarthy both believed they were doing the right thing, accusing innocent people. Joseph McCarthy was against communism, as well as Abigail Williams “was” against witchcraft. They both strongly disagreed with the theme. Joseph McCarthy thought he was serving justice for the United States just like, Abigail Williams tried to clear her name, within the name of god; thinking it would get her out of trouble. Although the two people had different problems during their era, the reader believes they both were very alike by how they’re …show more content…

The Salem witch trials can be considered as a series of hearings and prosecution of people accused of being witches or involved with any type of witchcraft. They are based on the belief in the conflict between God and Satan. Like the Red Scare, the idea of witchcraft was also a fear the people had.Everyone had a suspicion of who was a witch? Did witches exist? Abigail Williams is very similar to Joseph McCarthy in the way they accused random people, even though they were innocent.Again they both thought they were doing “good”. It's not fair to blame others for something that isn't true, we were taught this from a young age. So why is it okay for them to? Well keep in mind that in The Crucible everything was getting out of control with the blaming, lying, and faking things that never existed. An example can be when Abigail Williams fakes seeing the yellow bird in the court house, which just made a whole scene. The crying and mocking about mary “sending her spirit.” In conclusion Joseph McCarthy and Abigail Williams are very similar in the ways they think, and their beliefs. Abigail William is the one who is totally against witchcraft and is “committed” to god although, she put a spell on Elizabeth Proctor, which is witch craft. And she was John's Proctor’s partner in sin.In the case of Joseph McCarthy he aswell accused people of being communist, but yet he had little evidence to support his

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