Joseph Walker: The Little-Known Frontier Hero

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As indicated by the title, this book is in homage to the little-known frontier hero, Joseph Walker. While it is highly unlikely that the author provided an entirely unbiased view of the admired frontiersman, it is without a doubt that the man was a well-respected celebrity of his time, illustrated by the quantity of men who found him inspirational (Pages 5-11). *do you think the author has given an objective portrait of Joseph Walker? Use specific examples to support your point.* *Joseph is portrayed as somewhat different from his “colleagues” How did he differ from most Americans in his attitude towards Native Americans? Why do you think he held these distinctive views?* A man of elegance, success, and renown, his own story is further emphasized by the legacy he inherited from his predecessors, the Scots-Irish. With a history that disallowed the manifestation of the more …show more content…

Soon, despite the very fact that the government had encouraged this move itself, officials and important peoples found the settlers to be troublesome, even more so than the natives themselves(Page 20). But while the tenacity of these people was perceived as troublesome, there was very little reason why they shouldn’t be, considering that the prolonged existence of these people was because of their collective wariness of government and oppression and would only pledge loyalty to direct blood (Pages 20-21). If anyone were to survive in those lands, it would be these hardy people that have known no easy times and desired the solitary ways of life that the Appalachian Range provided (Page 22). Despite the acclamations from the Little America Party that the, *The Little America Party opposed the early settlement of the Appalachian region. Why? Were they justified in their

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