Jubilee Express By Maureen Johnson: Summary

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My book was Jubilee Express. It was published in 2012 by the Penguin Group in New York. The Author is Maureen Johnson. The characters are Jubilee Dougal, Noah, Jeb, and Stuart. In this book Jubilee is having a horrible day, because her mom and dad went to buy Christmas decorations on Christmas Eve, so they sent her to her grandparents’ house in Florida. Noah is her boyfriend and she was supposed to go to his house. She has to catch a train so she can’t go, so then when she called Noah to tell him what happened he just didn’t seem to care. Jubilee just thought he was busy, as usual. When she got on the train she sat with a guy named Jeb. When they were halfway to Florida the train broke down. After 30 minutes of being broke down she

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