Julius Caesar And Lord Of The Flies Analysis

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Power in Lord of The Flies and Julius Caesar Ralph and Brutus have power over others and use that power for the greater good. In Julius Caesar and Lord of The Flies, power is used differently than others. Ralph and Brutus use their power for good. On the other hand, people like Jack and Cassius use their power irresponsibly. The wrong people were hurt under their power and not for a good reason. Piggy was killed because of lousy leading from Jack in Lord of The Flies. Caesar was killed by the conspirators but Brutus was one of them that had a good reason for it, while Cassius played will people’s minds to get what he wanted in Julius Caesar. Why would anybody want to have someone with power that is a killer or a manipulator? Ralph has power …show more content…

Brutus tells the people of Rome, “...had you rather Caesar were living and die slaves,” (Shakespeare 45) and “not that i loved Caesar less, but I loved Rome more,” (Shakespeare 45). He said this to let the people know that he loves Rome and he was following what he thought was right. He chose his duty over his friendship with Julius Caesar. Caesar was a true friend to Brutus because he says that he cried when he killed him saying, “Caesar loved me, I weep for him,” (Shakespeare 45). Brutus was also known as an honorable man. Even after he killed Caesar, people said, “Let him be Caesar,” (Shakespeare 45). When Antony found Brutus’ dead body during the civil war that was started he said, “This was the noblest Roman of them all,” (Shakespeare 78) Antony actually felt like Brutus was a good person.Lord of The Flies and Julius Caesar took place in two totally different times, yet Brutus and Ralph are very similar characters. Lord of The Flies takes place at the start of the second world war. Julius Caesar takes place during the time where guns were not even invented and people had to travel by horse. These two characters show that no matter how different the settings are, that the amount of power one has reflects on their

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