Julius Caesar Betrayal

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“Some people are willing to betray years of friendship just to get a little bit of the spotlight” (Conrad). Julius Caesar and Brutus were considered good friends. LeBron James was basically made into a superstar from the Cleveland Cavaliers. The relationship between the two groups will be explained in detail. Furthermore, their similarities and differences will be expressed using proper evidence. Also, despite Caesar and Brutus being from a complete different generation than the modern day, betrayal still has the same effect on an individual. To begin, Julius Caesar was one of the greatest leaders in Roman history who was assassinated by a group of conspirators because they were afraid he would become a tyrant. Marullus, who does not …show more content…

The Cleveland Cavaliers were not an original NBA team and started from the absolute bottom. First, the Cleveland Cavaliers became a basketball team in 1970. They were created via expansion draft. They posted a horrible record of 16-67 the first year (Fleming). The Cavaliers didn’t start with anything and ended up picking up free agents and some expansion draft picks. Their following season was also awful. “After the all-star break, the Cavs continued to struggle as they went on to finish in last place with a record of 19-63” (Fleming). Things did not seem to get better throughout the first years. “In their first year at the Richfield Coliseum, the Cavaliers would contend for a playoff spot for the first time in franchise history. However injuries to key players like Austin Carr, Jim Clemons, and Jim Chenes would take their toll as the Cavs fell one game short” (Fleming). After playing for awhile outside of Cleveland, the struggling Cavaliers moved to downtown Cleveland to play. During their first year at the Gund Arena, the injury bug followed them from Richfield to Cleveland (Fleming). Ahead in time, the Cavaliers still had not won a championship nor gotten close. During the 2003-2004 season the Cavaliers reportedly were throwing the season in order to get LeBron James (Fleming). Excitement arose in Cleveland as LeBron James was drafted. It was arguably the best thing to ever happen to the Cavalier’s organization (Fleming). In 2007 the Cleveland Cavaliers made a push to the NBA finals. They were swept in 4 games by the San Antonio Spurs (Fleming). “However flash mobs, money, and love were not enough as LeBron James in a televised Special announced he would be leaving Cleveland to go to the Miami Heat” (Fleming). Four years after LeBron left Cleveland he announced that he was going to return to his home (Fleming). In conclusion, Cleveland was an organization on the rise only to get

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