Julius Caesar Persuasive Speech

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Deciding which choice is the righteous one is often difficult. The characters of Shakespeare 's play Julius Caesar convince each other to change their minds repeatedly, depending on the option made out to be the least objectionable. Throughout the play, persuasive speech causes many characters to alter their choices. The side that is most convincing will almost always win the decision maker over. Occasionally that choice will be the superior one, often it is not. Brutus, the main character, makes many difficult decisions. For instance, Brutus murders his friend Caesar due to the use of persuasive language. Other characters convince him that what he executes in both situations is necessary. The fickleness of the Roman Public is common all through the play due to the powerful speeches of the upper class. The opinions of the common people change frequently depending on who appeals more. Caesar believes that staying home is best, then changes his mind due to the speech of Decius Brutus. Brutus makes the choices he feels most secure following through. Rhetorical language and promises are the main motives behind Brutus’s choices. Cassius manipulates Brutus into joining the conspiracy against Caesar. To do so, Cassius must convince Brutus that Caesar is truly a threat to the Roman Republic. Cassius tells Brutus that he has the same amount of credibility as Caesar does. Brutus feels empowered when Cassius says, “[Caesar] why should that name be sounded more than

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