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In the play, The Tragedy of Julius Caesar. There was a man named Caesar who passed by the painful death of his best friend bestowed upon him. His name was Brutus, and he was known for being respected by most and loyal to the Roman Republic. Brutus was so lost in doing what was best for Rome and his people he committed a crime that no one could ever imagine. Brutus began the plan against Caesar because he thought Caesar was a threat to the Roman Republic. Brutus is a man of strong principles who values honor and civic duty above personal gain. He feared that if Caesar became emperor, the republic would go downhill, and the Romans would lose their freedom. Brutus played an important role in Caesar’s murder. “ The fault, dear Brutus is in our …show more content…

Brutus allows Antony to talk at Caesar’s funeral, however, Cassius didn’t exactly agree with that. Brutus eventually tells Cassius that it will all be okay. Antony says “I speak not to disprove what Brutus spoke, But here I am to speak what I do know. What cause withholds you, then, mourns for him? O judgment, thou art fled to brutish beasts, And men have lost their reason!” Julius Caesar page 123 line 109. The conversation between Brutus and Cassius eventually leads to both making armies. The war continued when Brutus and the collaborator decided to troop to Rome and fight the Republic against Antony and Octavius. While at war Brutu's side was doing well but was mistaken and which lead to Cassius stabbing himself. Brutus was overwhelmed by the incident and done with himself he fell and cried “O Julius Caesar, thou art mighty yet! Thy spirit walks abroad, and turns our swords in our own proper entrails.” Julius Caesar page 197 line 105. Brutus realized he failed to save the Republic so he did something that was life-changing. He then had a friend named Strato to hold his sword so he could run on it and commit suicide because he didn’t like the thought of killing

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