Julius Caesar Loyalty Quotes

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Brotherhood is an unbreakable connection of friendship between persons. Loyalty is related to brotherhood by being the indispensable concept of being honest and truthful in their actions. In The Tragedy of Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare, characters show loyalty as they obey and protect their master’s despite the consequences. In Gym Candy by Carl Deuker, characters ignore Mick’s actions and remain loyal to him. In Alas, Babylon by Pat Frank, characters show loyalty as they care for their friends and the dead. In Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card, characters loyally arrive at the side of and protect Ender. Characters exemplify brotherhood when they are loyal in their interactions with the community and each other. Compelled to assist Cassius in any way possible, Titinius loyally puts his life at risk at the will of his master. As the battle continues, Cassius notices a group of advancing troops. Giving Titinius, his servant, his horse, he instructs him to ride off and discover whose troops they are. Titinius responds, “I will be here again even with a thought” (Shakespeare V; iii, 19). Although he does not know about anything that is to happen to him, he steadfastly believes in his master and does his will. He is devoted to put others …show more content…

Lucilius, a faithful servant of Brutus, is captured by a solider of the army of Antony. Under the fake alias of Brutus, Antony is brought into his presence. However, Lucilius is devoted to never allowing any enemy to touch Brutus. Lucilius exclaims, “I dare assure thee that no enemy / Shall ever take alive the noble Brutus. / The gods defend him from so great a shame!” (V; iv, 21-23). In the face of danger, Lucilius defends his dignity and claims that they will never capture Brutus alive. He is aware of his little power in the situation; however, he still speaks against malevolence until the

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