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Caesar Quotes and Analysis “I am constant as the northern star.”(Act III, Scene I: 60) Caesar is generally known as an arrogant and cocky character by many of his peers in the play, aside from a few including Antony. He emits an aura of over-confidence and stubbornness, two qualities that can be seen especially in the line, “I am constant as the northern star.” Through the simile we learn that Caesar contrasts his firm mindset and decisions to one of the universal sign used by sailors because of its stable position: the Pole star. The comparison shows insight into Caesar’s thoughts about himself, which to put it simply is one of very high regard and status. “When I tell him he hates flatterers, [h]e says he does, being then most flattered.” (Act II, …show more content…

Caesar, like all other political hungry men, likes to be praised and despite both saying and believing they have no impact on him, they do. The effect is almost palpable and consequently makes him blind to what’s actually happening. Basically him dancing in the palm of the enemy, which is all due to him being so full of himself. “When Caesar says "Do this" it is performed.” (Act I, Scene II:10) The next line could show both Antony’s and Caesar’s character traits, yet I specifically chose it for Caesar because it showed how everyone was at his beck and call. Typically when someone is tended to, to the extent of Caesar, they become rather spoiled and their perception of reality and other aspects of it, such as hard work, become tainted. This was the case for Caesar, he was so used to everyone listening to him similar to a God, that he began not only give himself the same qualities as one but to think of himself as one as well. “T'was [o]ne of the coronets; and, as I told you, he put it by [o]nce; but, for all that, to my thinking he would fain [h]ave had it.” (Act I, Scene II:

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