Julius Caesar Rhetorical Devices

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In the play Julius Caesar, there were two men who spoke at the funeral of Julius Caesar. They were Mark Antony and Brutus. Mark Antony is able to easily refute Brutus with three main persuasive devices used in his speech. The three main devices Antony uses are, rhetorical questions, pathos, and lastly repetition. Antony uses rhetorical questions to refute Brutus. How Antony does this is Antony uses his speech in which he spoke at Julius’s funeral to convince the people of Rome that Brutus is not good. Antony asked the people of Rome”What cause withholds you, then, to mourn for him?”(Act 3 sc.2). Antony uses this rhetorical question to make the crowd see Caesar’s death as a celebration not as Brutus would like to see it which is as a sad

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