Just Lather That's All Analysis

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In the story Just lather, That's All by Hernando Téllez, a rebel barber is visited by the captain of the opposing side for a shave. The barber is faced with a difficult decision of helping the rebels and killing the captain which will ultimately help the rebels or, sparing the captain and facing whatever consequences may follow. During this time, we see that the barber from Just Lather, That's All is a man who takes pride in his work, is a brave man and deep down, is a good person.
First of all, the barber is a man who takes great pride in his work. When deciding wether or not to kill the captain, the barber is too proud of how work as a barber to kill the captain. The barber puts great importance in his job when he takes great care of his razor and shaves the captain's beard with a steady hand to ensure not a single drop of blood is spilled. When the barber thinks, "I would be obliged to shave that beard like any other one, carefully, gently, like that if any cutstomer, taking pains to see that no single pore emitted a drop of …show more content…

Although dark thoughts crossed his mind, the barber shaved the captain without spilling a single drop of blood. He just couldn't bring himself to take the life of another person. Even the barber's general role as a rebel is very innocent, he simply collects information to help free in-prisoned rebels. The barber himself states, "I don't want to be a murderer" (Téllez 51). The barber is a peaceful man, fighting in what he believes without directly taking lives. Not giving into the anger and what others want is another reason why the barber is a good person.
The barber from the story Just lather, That's All by Hernando Téllez is a proud man, a brave man, and a good person. While faced with a difficult decision of killing or sparing the life of an enemy, the barber spares the captain when he comes in for a shave. A truly interesting character who hopefully lives to fight peacefully in the battles to

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