Karl Marx Alienation Of Labor

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Karl Marx starts off by saying that the people are split up into two separate classes, capitalists and the laborers. He then begins talking about his, “Theory of Alienation.” The alienation is what occurs in the laborers because since they put their whole hearted work into producing an object they get hostile when they realize that they do not own this object, the capitalist does. So, everything that the laborer does and works for is taken from him and used for the greater good, one that the laborer is not apart of. He believes that alienation is the root of all of his problems. There are four different types of alienation. The first is the alienation of the laborer from the product. The second is the alienation of the laborer from production. The third is the …show more content…

Lastly, and fourth, is the alienation of all social relationships. Another sign of alienation is money. The more money that capitalists acquire the more their expectations and needs increase. This forces the laborers to work harder and they are needed to adjust and sacrifice their needs to benefit the needs of the capitalists. Right from the start of the novel Mary Wollstonecraft sets out to explain that men and women are equal beings. She starts by saying that being able to reason is humanity’s biggest asset, so the fact that both men and women have the ability to reason already makes them equal. This then begins her argument on the topic of equal education for the sexes. Wollstonecraft explains that the reason men are deemed to be smarter than women is because women are not given the same educational opportunities as men are, they are not given access to the proper education

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