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Kettlebell ab Exercises
There are various exercises done in the gymnasium such as weight lifting and rock climbing. The latest in the arena is kettlebell training which has gained popularity especially in the United States. What are kettlebells? Early in the 17th century, spherical cannon-shaped iron orbs with handles were used by Russian warriors to build strength, balance and stamina. They were also used by military personnel, professional weight lifters and martial arts to help them streamline their bodies while reducing weight.
Apart from being used by the military or professional athletes, kettlebells can be used in specific kettlebell ad exercises to help you gain strength and build additional power. Combining multiple ad exercises such as; the swing, snatch, windmill, Turkish get-ups and clean among others will help you gain …show more content…

This exercise is only recommended to experts who are able to keep their midsections locked to avoid muscular injury.
Set yourself in a pushup position with a pair of kettlebells on each hand. Ensure that your legs are slightly apart. Press one kettlebell toward the floor with full force to lift the other high towards your chest. Return the kettlebell on your chest towards the floor then lift the other close to your chest. Repeat this procedure several times while keeping your midsection tight.
There are other kettlebell ab exercises which one can incorporate in daily workout routines. Exercises such as; front squat, gunslinger curl, Turkish get-ups, suitcase deadlifts and farmer walk series are among the many exercises which one can work on to develop strength, stamina, endurance and balance on various parts of the body. However, one important tip to all trainers is that you should always follow the instructions before starting the program to avoid any

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