Kevin Love's Essay 'Everyone Is Going Through Something'

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Over the years, mental health has become an increasingly eminent topic of discussion, with people gaining more awareness of its importance and taking it more seriously. In his essay ‘Everyone is Going Through Something,’ Kevin Love shares his personal experience with mental health, including his first panic attack. This essay will focus on how the speaker engages his audience, an analysis of the style of writing, and lastly, it will discuss the issues of masculinity and mental health. By sharing his personal experience with mental health, Love lets the reader empathize with his struggle, challenges and societal stigma surrounding mental health. In his essay Love shares the loss of his grandmother, "Then right before the trip, she was hospitalized …show more content…

Men are often expected to be strong, stoic, and in control of their emotions. This can make it difficult for men to admit when they are struggling with mental health issues, as they may fear being seen as weak or unmanly. In his video "Kevin Love details his battles with mental illness," Love talks about how he was taught to suppress his emotions when he was younger. He says, "That was my playbook when I was young is to suppress it and be a man." (3:40-3:46). This type of message reinforces the idea that men should not express vulnerability or seek help when they need it. While it is important to recognize the impact that societal expectations of masculinity can have on men's mental health, it's also important to acknowledge that not all men feel this pressure to conform. Some men may feel comfortable expressing their emotions and seeking help when they need it and may not feel the same societal pressures to conform to traditional norms of masculinity. Still, it is important to recognize that these societal expectations can have a serious impact on men's mental health. By promoting more positive and healthy models of masculinity, we can help break down the barriers that prevent men from seeking the support they need. Encouraging men to talk about their emotions and seek help when they need it can go a long way in reducing the stigma associated with mental health issues and ultimately, save

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