Keynote Address: Untying The Moral Knot Of Abortion

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The Keynote Address: Untying the Moral Knot of Abortion, was given by Caitlin E. Borgmann at the Washington and Lee School of law on November 8, 2014. Borgmann’s main goal of her address was to bring back to attention that abortion should be seen as a woman’s own right in making decisions regarding her own body. She talks about how people have become so focused on the morality of the fetus that they have lost sight of the real reason that abortion should be legal. Borgmann feels that it is the woman’s right to have a choice and freedom over their body and the freedom to choose whether or not to have an abortion. The speaker asks why people question the age and status of the fetus, but do not concern themselves to question the rights of the woman that carries the fetus. The speaker of the address implies that people should untie the moral knot attached to abortion and the fetus and focus on the right to a women’s freedoms. …show more content…

The judge considered abortion to be the most diverse issue since slavery in this Country. In my opinion, it’s pretty harsh to compare the issue of abortion to the issue of slavery. Borgmann concernedly stated, “Is the issue more divisive than segregation? Than the internment of Japanese-American’s? Than the Vietnam War?” She pointed out that a poll given in Texas was not aligned with the Judge Yeakel’s way of thought. The poll actually showed that seventy percent of voters wanted the focus of legislature to be more focused on creating and stabilizing jobs and the economy, than

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