The Origin Of The Khilafat Movement

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Assighment No 1 Name: Muniba Asghar Semester: 2 Section: E Subject: Pak Studies Major: BBA Submitted to: Miss Farah Ahsan Date: January 31, 2017 Topic: Khilafat Movement Khilafat Movement: The movement named Khilafat movement was a very important event in the sub-continent’s political history. The Muslims of sub-continent had a great regard and respect for the Caliphate system which was only held in turkey by the Ottoman Empire who ruled on the three continents for more over 800 years under the caliphate system. But in World War 1, Turkey join hands with the Germany against France, Greece and Britian. But Germany and Turkey lost the war and the Britian got the hold of Turkey. According to the pact, which…show more content…
This movement was started by the Indian Muslims against the British government in which they demanded a separate government for them. The Hindus of sub-continent urged the Muslims to start this movement against the government. Basically they wanted to crush the emotions and entity of Muslims.
Hijrat Movement: This movement was also started in 1920 when the congress leaders Maulana Ab-ul-kalam Azad and Maulana Abul Bari issued a Fatwa in which they declared India a Dar-ul-Harb (place of war) and advised the Muslims to move towards Afghanistan and Iran which are Muslim countries (Dar-ul-Aman). On this advice millions of Muslims migrates towards these two countries. But the government of these two countries refused to enter them. They are helpless and they have nothing to eat and drink and they a pity situation. Now they finally realized and saw the real face of Gandhi.
Role of
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He purposefully supported this movement and attended all his meetings of Muslim Indian national congress. He was always against the Muslims and wanted to rule on the Muslims. He wanted a united India in which only the Hindus could rule on Muslims. That’s why he always tried to damage the Muslims dignity. He advised the Muslims to start disrespect government and not to follow their rules and also advised them to start different types of movement against the government which may lead to the success of this movement. But these advises were completely wrong and harmful for the Muslims because it was totally against the government.
Incident of chura chori: The event chura chori is an important event in khilafat movement’s history because in 1921 Gandhi resigned from the leadership which damaged the movement a lot. The Indian Muslims were divided in two groups. One group was in the favor of Gandhi and the other in the favor of Muslim leaders. Because the Muslim leader realized that the purpose of Gandhi to participate in this movement was to harm the Muslims.

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