Khmer Eynao Story: The Story Of Panji Kambodja

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The Story of Panji Kambodja’ According to Purbatjaraka, this Khmer Eynao story is of Indian origin. The king of Daha decides that his beautiful daughter, named Bossaba, will be engaged to his nephew, Eynao. However, he later marries the princess of another kingdom before he meeting his fiancée, the princess of Daha. One day, the Kingdom of Daha is attacked by neighbouring kingdoms and sends a call for help. The king of Kuripan, Eynao’s father, orders his son Eynao to lead his army to help the king of Daha. Eynao defeats the invaders, all of whom surrender and are ordered to submit their loyalty to the king of Daha. Eynao receives a warm welcome by the king of Daha, his own uncle and all of the high ranking officials. Bossaba does not want participate in the festivities thrown in her fiancé Eynao’s honour, because he broke her heart when he married another girl. When Eynao sees Bossaba, he is mesmerized by her beauty and cannot contain himself. He then blames himself for marrying the other princess. Eynao cannot help wanting to attract Bossaba’s attention, which he can hardly obtain. He asks his brother in law Sijatra to help him several times but he does not succeed. In the end, Eynao is so upset that he wants to kill himself when he finds out that Bossaba wants to marry a prince from another kingdom named Charika. His brother, Sangkha-marita, tries to help him by kidnapping Bossaba and bringing her to a remote place in a cave that has already been decorated for Eynao and

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