Kinaesthetic Learning Style Essay

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Kinaesthetic Learning Style
Kinaesthetic Learning Style is one of the three different learning styles popularized by Neil D. Fleming in his VAK (visual - auditory - kinaesthetic) model of learning. Kinaesthetic learning represents the relative importance of some manner of physical activity to the learning process, which means that kinaesthetic learners need to be actively doing something while learning in order to truly understand the materials (Roell, 2017).
Kinaesthetic learners
Kinaesthetic learners like to be actively involved in the learning process, and learn best through hands-on activities and movement (Baker, Kidspot). Therefore, kinaesthetic learners: want to actually do whatever is being talked about or learned, like to move around
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However, students with this learning style are sometimes called “fidgety, problematic, antsy or hyper, merely because their bodies need to be in action in order to learn”, which can cause a discomfort for some teachers who prefer having more calm and silent classes, or produce a lack of concentration for students who need quieter surrounding (Roell, 2017). In addition, many benefits of gearing the classroom towards kinaesthetic learners is that it is easy to include components of other learning styles within a kinaesthetic lesson - even learners that prefer other styles will enjoy interactive lessons and activities (Roell, 2017). Finally, implementing structured kinaesthetic activities on a regular basis makes teaching easier because there are often fewer discipline issues, time goes by faster, and students are actively participating throughout a lesson (Roell, 2017). Some examples of kinaesthetic learning activities include: Clapping or jumping up and down to break down syllables within a given word, conduct a play, role-play, reader 's theatre, or conduct a scavenger hunt in which students actively look for some answers. Even writing, note taking, summarizing, highlighting, or fill-in-the-blanks types of tasks will help kinaesthetic learners to concentrate because they will move their

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