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When a college student says that they are a kinesiology major the first thought that may come to mind when thinking of what that person wants to be is a coach or an athletic trainer. Moreover, there are several different careers whom might pursue from a kinesiology degree. Kinesiology is defined as the study of the mechanics of body movements, so the careers capable of being pursued range from coaches or athletic trainers to physical therapists. One discipline in kinesiology that be will be discussed is the job of a prosthetic practitioner. Which will be the purpose of this writing, to inform you about this kinesiology career and the concepts of it. The concept of prosthetics goes further than just making custom fitted artificial limbs for…show more content…
The Bureau of Labor Statistics, discusses that from 2016 to 2026 employment is projected to grow twenty-two percent. Another big factor why employment is growing fast is that with diabetes plus cardiovascular disease being the two leading causes of limb loss (most common in older people) prosthetics will always be in need. In addition to the older people, veterans or patients with horrendous injuries will need to have these prosthetics made for them…show more content…
Hopefully nobody! Prosthetic practitioner’s impact lives every day, and they see the difference they are making almost immediately. Everyday about five hundred people in the United States undergo an operation to amputate one or more of their limbs (Platt). A prosthetic practitioner is who these people turn to for help. Throughout this passage you have been informed all about prosthetics. The concepts of a prosthetic practitioner are for the most part simple. In history, prosthetics go back to the Egyptian time and are now very advanced, in addition have improved tremendously. This career requires the completion of a master’s program, but with the increasing job employment in the future, it is almost a guarantee to find a job. Sadly, people lose limbs every day, but with the help of prosthetic practitioners there is a solution to limb

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