Kiersten Boer's Argument Against Abortion

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Kiersten boer On January 22, 1973 the Roe vs Wade ruled woman’s right to have an abortion during the entirety of the pregnancy. On 9/11 nearly 3,000 people were killed in the devastating world trade center terrorist attacks. Everyday approximately 125,000 babies are terminated due to abortions. From the 1600s to the 1800s abortion was not even a thought to woman around the world. In today’s day of age abortions are very common. Terminating the fetus at any time during a pregnancy should be illegal. As soon as conception, life begins to form. 23 chromosomes from both parents are transferred to the baby creating an unique genetic blueprint. On the website it states that “the mother breaths for the babie, and essential …show more content…

The parents will decide how the baby will do things and when the baby will do things. “Most children don’t start forming sentences until they are about 2 years old” states the website . Babys are innocent till they are able to put up a fight which won’t be for a few years after the fact. Well woman are decided to terminate the pregnancy or to keep the child they don’t relies the baby is an innocent child. The baby’s does not decide who the parents are and how he/she will be raised. They don’t even get to decide if they will live passed being inside there mother. When a mother is pregnant they have the life of an innocent baby unable to speak for their own right to …show more content…

Imagine you are a young girl who got pregnant due to rape. What would you do? Keep the baby? Or get abortion? For some people this is a problem they don’t want to live with. So they get abortions. There are other ways woman can deal with this. There is adoption. This way mothers won’t be murdering their baby nor will they be living with something not planned. More humans are killed by abortion each year. This is why abortions should be illegal in the world today. Abortion is wrong because killing of an innocent baby is taking place. Other options are adoption. Adoption can be an amazing way to help families who can have children. Abortions should be illegal because adoption is way to not terminate the pregnancy not

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