Killing In Ancient Rome

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successful general and one of Rome's most beloved figures. But this was all an act—shortly, after six months of his reign, his savagery, sadism, and sexual perversity haunts the whole country. Killing has been his sporadic entertainment; at one time, he ordered all the cripples, the hunchbacks, the unwanted, and the outcasts to be thrown into the arena and are forced to kill each other using meat cleavers. He also adored slaughtering animals: he tortured lions, and speared giraffes; he even beheaded an ostrich as he laughed at the prisoners that will be slayed next. Then, when games ran out of criminals and animals, he ordered his guards to drag the first five rows of spectators into the arena to be butchered alive. In one event, he tried to …show more content…

Callygulax became angry and he ordered the man to be tied down and be beaten with heavy chains. He made the man's suffering last for three months and after which, the man's entire family was publicly executed one after the other in front of the crowd. He ordered the family to fall in line, starting with the man, his wife, his two sons, and their daughter. As the man pleaded to spare his family's life, the emperor slit his throat as his family cries in horror. The wife fainted, and the emperor ordered his soldiers decapitate the wife. Then, the emperor ordered the executioner to rape the beheaded body in front of the crowd. Their sons were screaming; the eldest closed his eyes, and the crowd dispersed in disgust; some stayed in morbid obsession. The emperor was not satisfied; he then impaled both of the eldest son's eyes with an arrow shouting, 'This is what you get when you don't look at your father's sins!' After the eldest bled to death...blood finished oozing from his eyes, the emperor shouted to the girl not to close his eyes as the emperor cracked the second son's head. He gyrated the head—trying to unsocket the head apart from the body. After several horrendous turns, the emperor pulled the head and threw it in front of the girl. The girl got down on her …show more content…

He began to remember that day, when Jesus took a rest beside his house, with a great wooden cross rested in his shoulders. He remembered how Jesus spoke to him: Jesus was not furious. His face is sad and his eyes did not show hatred as he continued walking. Then, he recalled something: something his mind suppressed him to recall, There was a snake who followed Jesus as I walked from my house... it hid under the shadow of the cross. It was the snake who bit me—who made me thought that Jesus uttered those words! All of a sudden, the emperor have felt something he have not felt for a long time. The feeling of remorse started to pound his heart as he started to realize the instantaneous flashbacks of his evil. It was like something had penetrated deep into his heart to allow guilt to creep in. He felt his chest—his heart is beating again. The general wept; shouting loudly; uttering lamentation as he hugged the little girl. Everyone paused as the emperor knelt. He shouted in a peculiar language most have forgotten, 'Eloi, Eloi, lema

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