Kkks In The 1920s

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KKK of 1920 Kayden Nelmar
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I choose the KKK as my report because I was in class and and teacher was talking about the KKK and I said to myself I would like to learn more about this so I did this I what that is so I will talk about kkk.

The KKK was founded in 1866 by Robert Shelton The KKK in the modern days only kill black people but the 1920 they did not kill only blacks the killed white people and black people that were not christian. There were some clans that they would fight that were cristan like the Crisps and the Memphis City. By 1920 the KKK killed 4 million people. They would start riots and go downtown holding a burning cross and pray around or with it.The KKK would pray in large fields and pray
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KKK also the would wear belts opposite as robe so black robe red belt white robe red belt ete.Different color robes meant different rank white was the lowest rank white with stripes is a higher rank than plain.Red ment co-leader what they did was take over if the leader got hurt or quit then they would take over red with stripes meant you had more athority than most people. If you had a black robe that meant that you are the leader of that KKK group and you rule everyone.

The KKK symbol was very interesting when I found it and did a little more research on it and found out that the KKK symbol was called the Mioak it means mystic Insignia of a Klansman.The KKK symbol was Red,Black, and white cross.KKK’s background of the symbol was a red circle then a cross on top and a red blood drop in the middle.The blood drop in the middle is to represent a shield of protection of the white race.

That 's why the KKK is interesting because they have so many cool and interesting facts about them. How their robe and color system works. How their symbol works and what it means . Also what their religion is and how it works, and what people they want alive and what people they don’t. Its just the KKK of 1920 is so interesting is so many way if it’s symbol,color,religion. Those are my
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