A Hate Group Research Paper

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rallies, they done white sheet clothing with holes cut out for them to see and have a long pointed hood. The membership to this hate group was interesting because it has been known that high ranking people in the government such as councilman, police officers and other government officials. Over the years of this groups existence, there have been numerous leaders who was known as the Grand Wizard. One of them was Hiram W. Evans and he became the Imperial Wizard in the year of 1922. During his reign of being in the most powerful position of this group, membership was known to have been close to well over a few million members (1). Almost every American state had some type of KKK group and all had the same beliefs as what was being preached by their leadership. Over the years the groups have been responsible for not only lynching’s and intimidation but also increasing their tactics of terror by using explosives to kill or maim colored people and those who supported or fought for their rights. …show more content…

The girls were between the ages 11 and 14 and were attending church with their families when all of a sudden a bomb went off. They lost their lives and many others were severely injured and was known to have been part of a series of bombings in the city of Birmingham, Alabama. This horrific event didn’t stop the Civil Rights movement because there were changes happening across the south to improve the lives of colored people. One of those changes was the implementation of what was known as Freedom Schools and consisted of schools for colored people to be able to get an

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