Kkks In The 1920's Research Paper

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Kayden Nelmar
7, November, 2015
Mrs. Gardner-Per. 04
Language Arts
KKK In the 1920’s
The KKK is a white supremacy group established in 1866 to degrade black people 's emotional state and physical being. The group focuses on Christian only religion and murder of other religions. The group died out mainly in the early 2000s, but are still around today in smaller numbers. The group came back in 2010 and was the time period that the black racism mainly targeted and religion didn’t matter as much. The KKK was founded in 1866 by Robert Shelton. The KKK in the modern days only kill black people, but the 1920s, All races were killed based on religion. The Christian religion was the KKK’s central supremacy group. The Crips, Memphis City Council, and …show more content…

As well as belts opposite of the robe. For example, if the members robe is black, they might have a red belt. With a white robe, they may have a black belt. Different color robes meant different rank white was the lowest rank white with stripes is a higher rank than plain. Red signified co-leader. The hierarchy works on a system of ownership. The second in command would take over if the leader is incapacitated. The leader of the KKK wears a solid black robe and white belt.
The KKK’s symbol was called the Mioak. That directly translated into Mystic Insignia of a Klansman.The KKK symbol was a Red, Black, and white cross. KKK’s background of the symbol was a red circle then a cross on top and a red blood drop in the middle.The blood drop in the middle is to represent a shield of protection of the white race. The KKK is a very extensive group with an advanced hierarchy, uniforms, and symbol striking fear into every non-Christian’s eye. The KKK is a very well organized and frightening group, that is well thought out, but for the wrong reasons. The willpower and motivation of hundreds, but used to commit senseless murders has made the KKK a well known religion based supremacy

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