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Kohl’s a company that takes care of their customers, employees, and those that are less fortunate. Their focus is the well being and the growth of the families that work for them and the families that maintain the department store open. In other words, it’s core is based on helping others. The system designed to convenience everyone involved. As a result, it has spread to 1,160 locations in the US, 986 being innovative stores that are 88,000 gross square feet of retail space, and 178 non-innovative stores in 55,000 to 68,000 gross square feet of retail space. Innovative stores are experimental stores, where the company focuses on exposing customers to new that may benefit them. Non-innovative Department stores tend to keep its traditional setup and adapt the ideas that are successful in the experimental stores. Not only does Kohl’s Department store focus on personal service to keep it going, but it provides technology to make shopping enjoyable and sources to save money more accessible. Kohl’s has an …show more content…

In 1972 Batus purchased Kohl’s from the Kohl’s family and by 1983 the grocery stores were sold with the intention to dedicate more time to growing the business in a different direction. William Kellogg was Kohl’s chairman and chief executive when he gathers a few of his colleagues and decided to buy Kohl’s department store. He was the one that narrowed the company’s mission in serving the middle class by providing quality merchandise along with fair prices. His purpose is not only intact, but it has grown with time. In that change, it only made them stronger. Kellogg, made a decision in 1992, that in order to keep growing they would better their distribution center, offer corporate stocks funds, and retail automation. In 2002 they had six distribution centers, in 2004 they had 637

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