Essay About Kokoda

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There are two sides to every story to many Australians Kokoda was recognized as the efforts of the Australian soldiers being critical to the defense of Australia against the threat of the Imprial Japanese Army. Such famous historic figures such as paul Keating and John Howard retelling the Kokoda story with the exaggeration of the Anzac’s defending Asutralia. But to some Australian’s such as the former senior historian at the Australia war memorial, DR Peter Stanley, has stated that the Japanese were not planning to make themselves masters of Australia in 1942 and that any Japanese threat to Australia in 1942 was greatly exaggerated by wartime prime minister John Curtin for his own political ends. I t is also known that Hideki Tojo the prime minster of Japan in 1942 stated, as being unfeasible to invade given Australia 's geography and the strength of the Allied defenses. Invading Australia was never an option for the Japanese Imperial Army. …show more content…

As being one of the very few major battles Australia had been involved in this feat has been influence tremendously exaggerated. There is no doubt of the difficulty of the terrain the anzacs faced but the problem s some of the recount of the conditions to exaggerating. It is common to hear the track described as green hell or the toughest terrain in the world. In fact, it is not just Past politician exaggerating the campaign for political ends with Kevin Rudd commented that he was a survivor of the Kokoda track with sparked outrage among veterans. The fact of the matter is the terrain isn’t even the toughest in Papa New gunie let alone the

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