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To what extent was the Kokoda Trail the most significant battle for the Australians success in World War II?
The Kokoda Trail or otherwise known as the Kokoda track is an extremely significant campaign for the Australians. The Kokoda trail is a 96-kilometre track that stretches over Papua New Guinea and is commonly known for its harsh mountainous terrain. The track was so long that it was measured in days it took to get to certain places, instead of the distance. The battle of Kokoda was known for its viscous fighting in a battle that lasted for four long months, going from July through to November 1942. In World War II, the Japanese’s aim was to expand down the pacific but by 1942 they had already occupied most of south-east Asia and were …show more content…

This was so important for the Pacific war as it marked the first time that the Japanese had been stopped in their advance across the pacific and stopped the Japanese from capturing Port Moresby. If the Japanese were able to successfully capture Port Moresby, then it would have put Australia at risk as the Japanese could have then invaded or attacked Australia. The Kokoda campaign is also significant for its use of military tactics that As significant as the Kokoda campaign was for the Pacific War, there was also many other campaigns and battles that were also extremely significant such as the Battle of the Coral Sea, the Siege of Tobruk, the Battle of Milne Bay, the Battle of the Bismarck Sea, and the Battle of Guadalcanal all of which were only a few of the many important battles that helped the success and safety of Australia and were vital to the allies attempt to overtake the axis powers. While, these battles the Australians were involved with were extremely helpful and vital to the Australians success in the war but the Kokoda campaign was significant in its own way for its use of military tactics such as jungle warfare and fire and movement where one of the group makes their way toward the enemy while another fires, to keep the enemy distracted and it saved Australia from being

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