Kurt Cobain: A Suicide Or Homicide?

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A Suicide or Homicide? In 1984, Kurt Cobain was found dead in his home in Seattle Washington. The moment his body was found with the gun beside his body and note in the dirt, it was immediately ruled as another famous suicide. There was no further investigation till months after, and yet with the proof it is still decided as a suicide. With all the information now released, was it really a suicide? The information finally released has pointed more to the fact it was more than likely a murder. First, we must delve into Kurt’s life before the “Suicide” took place. Just two years before in 1992, his first daughter Frances Bean Cobain was brought into this world. She was the light of his life. He took care of her the best he could, showering…show more content…
Now that his backstory is known, it is time to actual begin the further investigation on this.
Kurt Cobain was found dead VECA electric employee, Gary Smith who had came to install new security lighting. While walking past the garage, he looked in and saw a corpse. It was first believed to be some statue, as Kurt was notorious for finding weird artifacts and taking them home. Upon further investigation, it was Kurt who was laying in a pool of blood. The police were called immediately who came and were the ones to first rule it as a suicide. The first things they saw was Kurt lying with a gun, a box used for heroin, and a note stabbed into a pile of flower pot dirt with a
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The supposedly suicide note. With the note itself, it speaks not a single thing of wanting to leave the world. In fact, it only talks about wanting to divorce Courtney, move out of Seattle, and leave the music industry. The only part of the note that actually says anything related to the note is the footing which states, “Frances and Courtney, I'll be at your alter. Please keep going Courtney, for Frances. For her life, which will be so much happier without me. I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU!” (Kurt Cobain Suicide Note) The handwriting looks nothing like the smaller writing of the note. It even appears to be forged. By taking sample of Kurt’s handwriting and a wedding vow written by his wife in 1992, it appears to look a bit more like Courtney’s style of handwriting.
Which leads us to our main topic. It can be argued that Courtney Love, Kurt’s wife, would never do such a thing as murder him. Why would anyone murder their husband who they say they love oh so much. As stated before, Kurt and Courtney were in the midst of a divorce. Kurt wanted out of that marriage and by most photos and videos of him and her together, you can see the aggravation on his face about

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