Lack Of Knowledge In The Book Anthem

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In a society where knowledge is tucked away, how will there ever be any progression forward? In the novel Anthem, the Council tries to maintain , through fear and intimidation, a community of uneducated and dependent citizens, however a boy named Equality 7-2521 breaks free from the primitive technology the Council tries to impose, proving that when knowledge itself is grasped and individuals can perceive life through their own eyes, and not have false knowledge forced upon them, only then will there be any sort of technological independence and development. The Council wants to keep their community in a secluded bubble devoid of knowledge. Should the citizens become aware about the words, devices, and culture from the unmentionable …show more content…

The citizens do not respect their leaders , they fear them. “Our brothers are silent…; for they dare not speak the thoughts on their mind” (47). The citizens have been turned into terrified pets wanting to please an abusive owner, never knowing the correct answer, so maintaining a safe silence at all times.. The unrealistic standards set by the council have ripped away all the citizens want of self expression, or self identity. The subjects cannot mind read, therefor they cannot know if they are thinking the same as their brothers. Rather than trying to constantly ensure that all words spoken by each brother is the same, the brothers and sisters of the community have come to a safe conclusion of …show more content…

The Council is terrified that someone will soon realize how ridiculous their government system is, and use the power of knowledge against them. The Council protects themselves with false truths and violence to keep their civilians submissive and blind to the truth. One example of this would be when Equality 7-2521 revealed his light bulb to the World Council of Scholars (69). Equality spoke of the bulb’s potential and gave logical reasoning to how it could be a great help to the city, Equality explained how the light would be much more practical than candles. “But terror struck the men of the Council. They leapt to their feet, they ran from the table, and they stood pressed against the wall, huddled together, seeking the warmth of one another’s bodies to give them courage” (70).
Equality is smart, perhaps too smart or so that's what the councils thinks. The council recognizes that Equality is too knowledgeable and too inquisitive to allow himself to become a blind sheep in the herd. In the puzzle of which Equality lives, he is simply a tiny piece of a bigger picture. If he were to step out of place it would mess up the puzzles organized pattern, and Equality would be punished

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