Lack Of Representation Of American Beauty Standards In Social Media

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American beauty standards further perpetuate a divide between different races and subcultures as vessels such as social media, TV commercials, and other advertisements circulate, and a cultural myth is not only formed but accepted by communities as they are exposed to what the “ideal” standard of beauty should be as dictated by others. A cultural myth in America is not only formed but accepted by communities as they are exposed to what the “ideal” standard of beauty is. American beauty standards ultimately intersect with broader systems of power, privilege, and racism. The ideal standard of beauty with the mythical notion that it can be achieved leads to a sense of inferiority among men and women alike that don’t align with what society deems …show more content…

When people from diverse backgrounds are not given equal visibility and representation, it reinforces the idea that there is only one acceptable standard of beauty. This lack of representation can be damaging to individuals who do not fit the conventional beauty mold, and it perpetuates harmful stereotypes and biases (Roth). Unattainable beauty standards often prioritize certain characteristics and exclude others. This can lead to discrimination and marginalization of individuals who do not fit within the narrow parameters of beauty. People who do not possess Eurocentric features or have body types that differ from the idealized norm may face prejudice, bias, and limited opportunities in various aspects of life, including employment, relationships, and media …show more content…

There has been an increasing push for more diverse representation in media, advertising, and fashion. Brands and organizations are working to feature models and celebrities from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds, body types, and abilities. This helps challenge the narrow beauty standards and allows individuals from marginalized groups to see themselves represented positively. The body positivity movement also encourages individuals to embrace their bodies, regardless of societal beauty standards. It promotes self-acceptance, self-love, and inclusivity, emphasizing that all bodies are worthy of respect and celebration. Influencers and content creators from marginalized groups are also gaining visibility and platforms to showcase their unique beauty and challenge traditional beauty norms. They are using social media platforms to redefine beauty ideals, share their stories, and empower others to embrace their own

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