Langto's Essay: What Is Salvation?

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An essay that I found that I related to most was Salvation. I felt that I really related to this essay cause its about someone who doesn 't seem very religious but was being forced into it. I am not very religious myself, and I come from a family who is religious at a young age it was more forced on me. As I got older the more religion was forced on me the more I was pushed away from it, because I didn 't really believe in it. In Salvation it seems as if religion is being forced, and like Langston in Salvation I didn 't see Jesus or religion as others did. One of the statements made in Salvation that I found to be interesting was " But I was really crying because I couldn 't bear to tell her that I had lied ". I personally find this to be interesting for a few reasons. One of reasons is …show more content…

After reading all of the essays I found it interesting how different all of the essays but how similar they were in a way. The three essays were completely different from one another, but something that I found to be related in them all was judgement of others. In every essay there seemed to be someone at one point or another trying to impress someone. "Salvation" Langston felt he had to lie about religion for acceptance, or in "A view from the bridge" a man was judging a boy on his appearance, "A Partial Remembrance of a Puerto Rican childhood" had a few wether it was the little girls Mama judging others in their family or the little girl doing things to not be judged by her grand mom something I seen similar in them all. The essays are also very different though cause of the stories that are told, "Salvation" is about religion, "A Partial Remembrance of a Puerto Rican childhood" is more about the culture they live in, "A view from the bridge" is about human interaction and helping someone out. These three essays all have traits of the human condition because, seeking acceptance, culture, and human interaction are all part of the human condition its things that happen

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