The Tone Of This I Believe And Malcolm X's Autobiography Comparison

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Autobiography Comparison There are many differences and similarities between Jackie Robinson’s essay “ This I Believe” and Malcolm X’s autobiography excerpt “Hair”. They differ in many ways, one being how each person view the time period the pieces were written in. They also compare with how each piece is written, and how the authors present the characteristics of literature. “This I Believe” and “Hair” compare with how the authors introduce the tone, how they deliver the message, and how their pieces affect the reader's. Hair’s tone compares drastically to Jackie Robinson’s tone in “This I Believe.” Malcolm X writes his piece so in the beginning he is joyful and full of happiness. However, when he puts the conk on he becomes rampant …show more content…

Hair gives the reader and insight about how African Americans were treated in the early/ mid twentieth century. His story shows that whites were disrespectful towards blacks. He shows that blacks were small in society, and that they would do anything to try to fit in. It almost resembles high school. People will hurt themselves to meet the standards of people around them. They will diminish their self worth to look like someone they are not. At this point in history, people would hurt themselves to resemble a different ethnicity. His story affects the audience because it shows what the blacks would do to fit in. The story gives you an insight on what discrimination was like for a young, black man. The effect of “This I Believe” is more cheerful. Robinson’s essay affects the readers by being optimistic. His essay is telling the reader that no matter how hard a situation gets, you need to try harder. He says that there is no guarantee, but that if you are to even have a sparkle of hope that you will achieve you will. He shows that if you try hard enough, you will succeed. The effects of the two autobiographical pieces are significantly

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