Leadership In Homer's The Odyssey

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Do you obtain it? Murdering, hating, and deceiving millions of people— Hitler. Negotiating, calming and giving millions of people hope— Gandhi. Teaching, guiding and working with 15 girls— my softball coaches. Listening, caring and devotion to her three kids— my mother. Change; something that the world’s most influential leaders have in common with my everyday encounters. But what does change have to do with anything? It has to do with leadership. Each and every day, leadership is showcased in our lives. It may be a boss, student, peer or yourself that is performing the act of leadership. According to Wikipedia, leadership is defined as an act of “social influence” on a group of people for a common purpose. As mentioned before, Hitler was a prime example of leadership. Not only did he get millions of people to follow him, he convinced them of doing petrifying acts. Hitler’s interest may not have been in favor of anyone’s other than his own, but he made thousands of people believe …show more content…

Which in the end takes twenty years to do so. Odysseus faces many temptations and troubles through his journey. Despite the many hiccups placed throughout his journey, Odysseus perseveres through the many battles he is faced. With devotion to make it back to his home, through help of the Goddess Athena, he achieves his goal. Hence, Odysseus is by definition a good leader. In book one of The Odyssey we are given a brief few paragraphs summarizing the story. Within this it says “... trials and dangers, even so, attended him even in Ithaca, near those he loved. Yet all the gods had pitied Lord Odysseus, all but Poseidon, raging cold and rough against the king till he came ashore at last on his own land (26-32)...” This shows us that Odysseus faced many hardships before attaining his goal. Determined to get home, he achieves his goal even through

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