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Summary of the Facts Trina Rios is the owner of Trina’s Toys, a small toy store in Bedford, Franklin. She operates a tight ship in order to compete with the big box toy stores. Ms. Rios employs kids from the local university to work in the store and often has trouble finding good employees. In order to keep costs low, Ms. Rios’ insurance policy has a high premium of $200,000, so any settlement would come out of her pocket. Karen Logan is a student at the local university where she was a member of the basketball team on an annual scholarship of $15,000. Fresh Grocers also employed her for $9.00/hour where she worked in data entry an average of 20 hours a week. Nick Patel is an employee at Trina’s Toys and works the front counter. He has the responsibility of mopping the floors after closing at night and dusting before opening in the morning. Around 10 AM the day of the accident, Mr. Patel walked the isles, including isle 3, and did not see any water puddles. Although he is supposed to walk the store every hour, he failed to do so because he was on the phone and busy with customers. On or about January 27, 2016 Ms. Long entered Trina’s Toys for the purpose …show more content…

In Owens v. Coffee Corner, the court held the owner liable for coffee that had just spilled because it was reasonably foreseeable that customers would spill coffee. Owens v. Coffee Corner (FR. CT. App. 2007). This case is differentiated by the fact that the coffee shop was in the business of selling coffee, a liquid that can be spilled on the floor causing the unsafe condition. Here, Trina’s Toys does not sell cups of water that can be spilled to cause the unsafe condition, and would therefore not e liable immediately for spills as they are not

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