Toys R Us Case Study

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Toys "R" Us proves to have more than it 's popular misspelled name going for it. The company has had almost consistent success since it was founded around 1960. With the history of popular children 's toys, Toys "R" Us has been standing out amongst competition by providing the multiple kinds of toy that can attract customer from all over the world. Toys "R" Us proves that building relationships is one of the major keys to run a successful business. Its unique hiring process provides stores with exceptionally talented employees. In 1948, at the young age of 25, Charles Lazarus began with the idea of providing a store for the parents ' to get all their child 's wants and needs. The store has been well known tittle of Toys "R" Us about 10 years after the "Children 's Bảgain Town" was found in 1948 in Washington, D.C. Also the store had expanded to many different locations and was considered to be well established and a huge success amongst children 's stores. As for today, there are numerous different types of Toys "R" Us stores globally. Some stores have adopted the supermarket model format, which allows consumers to physically pick out the products at their convenience and pay for them at a registration area. In 2006, Toys "R" Us adopted an integrated store strategy which combined Toys"R"Us and Babies"R"Us under one roof. In order to provide customers with a one-stop shop, the company has converted approximately 25 percent of its wholly owned global store base to a

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