Critical Success Factors Of Hasbro

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What are the critical success factors for the company to be one of the largest toy makers in the world? The global toy industry is a billion dollar industry dominated by four main players including Mattel, Lego, Jakks Pacific and Hasbro. One of the major reasons behind Hasbro’s success is its transformational focus on it’s content. They want to be the provider of the “right kind of entertainment.” Hasbro uses its toys to surround their consumer with stories; they build their characters around the stories. This enables the company to interact with the consumers more closely and come up with more innovative product lines. Hasbro also invested time and money in understanding what gives children joy and what motivates toy purchases by teaming up with Harvard to do pediatric studies. About 30% of Hasbro’s sales come from selling toys based on Avengers, Star Wars and Marvel. These franchises have grown even more since being acquired by Disney. This works well for Hasbro since they focus on building characters round content. Hasbro has been successful with the film franchise to the extent that even preschoolers know the brand. Revenues from the boys section, which at the time primarily included the star wars related sales, increased by 35% in the final quarter of 2015. It invested in hiring people who can commercialize the brand instead of investing in more factories. They got rid of being an “industrial manufacturer of ‘things’.” One of the most significant driving factors

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