Walt Disney: The Rise Of Animations

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Disney: The Rise of Animations The animation of movies and television have been constantly evolving and changing the entertainment industry. Disney is one of the top industries that has been expanding their business through their box office animation movies. Disney is one of the top animated studios alongside: DreamWorks, Warner Bros Animation, Studio Ghibli, Blue Sky Studio, and Illumination Entertainment. Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was the first full-length animated film. According to Biogrophy.com, “It produced an unimaginable $1.499 million, in spite of the Depression, and won a total of eight Oscars” (Biography). With Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’ success, Walt Disney Studios has completed numerous amounts of full-length …show more content…

It no longer uses the standard set of film that have people in front of a camera. Stories can be created from existent stories such as the story of Disney’s films, Rapunzel and Frozen. Society has changed with the use of computer animated section of movies. Films containing effects that could never be imagined. Cultivating storytelling through the use of: technology, color, character growth, and music, Disney transformed the animation business and has influenced the children throughout the world — through animated films that children can relate to. Throughout the years, Walt Disney Animation Studios uses motion pictured films to establish a new form of family entertainment. Walt Disney Animation Studios honors its legacy through animated films that have: artistry, storytelling, and revolutionary technology. Disney has influenced modern animated films by setting standards for other animated films. From the 1930s to now, the evolution of how the animations were created have changed dramatically from using paint to technology. According to Vanity …show more content…

Throughout the 81 years of Disney’s magnificent animation picture films, starting from drawings and paintings to the use of technology, animation has advanced and revolutionized the entertainment industry. This has changed the world by creating more content for children to see, changed the world of animation from cartoons to full on motion pictures that can make people feel emotion, providing entertainment through Walt Disney’s creations, his company’s later creations, and creations made by companies that the Disney have bought. It inspired millions of children to follow their dreams and have a major impact on their

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