Informative Essay: The Walt Disney Family Museum

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The Walt Disney Family Museum
What is the thing both adults and kids have? It’s a childhood. Considered as a pioneer of the American animation industry, surely that no one can go through the beautiful childhood without the Walt Disney’s animated films. The characters of Walt Disney are famous all over the world, loved by many people and present everywhere from the bedroom to adorable coffee shop. If you are also a fan of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck… and want to learn their stories, especially their biological father - Elias Charles Disney, come to The Walt Disney Family Museum, where takes visitors on a particularly planned journey through the fascinating life of Disney.
About the museum
Founded by the eldest daughter in 2009, the Walt Disney Family Museum is a non-profit organization that was operated and funded by the Walt Disney Family Foundation. The museum is situated in a special area - the Presidio of
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They also describe the early drawings, movies, music, cartoons, listening stations, a spectacular 12-foot diameter model of Disneyland and more than 200 video screenings. The permanent galleries provide a deep insight into Walt’s creative achievements, risks, and even failures thanks to his distinctive artifacts, as well as the pioneering animators such as the first-known drawing of a certain mouse. You can have a chance to enjoy the daily movie screenings of Disney classics here.
The museum contains 10 galleries with 10 themes about each step to Walt’s success such as: Early Beginnings, The Move To Hollywood, Exploring New Horizons, The Transition into Features, New Success And Greater Ambitions, Patriotic Contribution, Postwar Rebuilding, Walt & The Natural World, Disneyland & Beyond, and Remembering Walt Disney. They are all about Walt Disney’s personal life, impressive work, his talent to bring magic to life with Disney World and Disneyland, as well as his

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