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The Walt Disney Family Museum
What is the thing both adults and kids have? It’s a childhood. Considered as a pioneer of the American animation industry, surely that no one can go through the beautiful childhood without the Walt Disney’s animated films. The characters of Walt Disney are famous all over the world, loved by many people and present everywhere from the bedroom to adorable coffee shop. If you are also a fan of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck… and want to learn their stories, especially their biological father - Elias Charles Disney, come to The Walt Disney Family Museum, where takes visitors on a particularly planned journey through the fascinating life of Disney.
About the museum
Founded by the eldest daughter in 2009, the Walt Disney
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Visitors come to the museum not only behold the Disney screenings but also learn Walt’s life through his images and stories.
Walt Disney – a great man of Disney Empire
Started in Hollywood with only $40 in his pocket, Walter Elias Disney went through many failures and difficulties. But thanks to the natural talent and stoical spirit, he never gave up, overcame those challenges to become a legend. Walter Elias Disney is an idol of the adult, an icon of youth, and an example for children to follow.

That is a reason why the Walt Disney Family Museum was born. Its mission is informing the present and future generations about Walt, as well as through his stories, they will be inspired to notice their imagination and persistently pursue their goals. Thanks to the museum, visitors will know all Walt’s stories about his career as a creator and as a business manager, even all of his creations which made into films (or the ideals that were stolen) and the unionization battles with his

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