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An interesting fact about Walt Disney’s Disney World is that on one of the four kingdom’s opening day, there was approximately around 10,000 people. Disney World has approximately 48 million visitors who annually come to the four kingdom parks for family vacations and other special occasions ( Many families all over the world come to visit Disney World for many reasons whether they want to have an experience of a lifetime or if they already have been and want to visit again. As one of the two Disney World’s slogans says, Disney is “The Place where Dreams Come True”( The creator of Disney World would be none other than the man himself, Walt Disney. Disney created both DisneyLand which is located in, Anaheim, California and Disney World located in Orlando Florida. In 1991, on October 1 the grand opening of Disney World took place. 10,000 people showed up to see the one hundred and seven acres of land and close to 5,500 cast members for the first time( The several thousand cast members include all Disney character that were created including the Disney Princesses and Princes along with their villains. The main character present at Disney are the …show more content…

Families can also visit the waterparks located at Disney World too. There are two water parks on the location that is known at Disney Work and the waterparks’ names are Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park and Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park. The water parks run on a time schedule. The time schedule starts at 10:00 am and stays open until 5:00 pm. At the water parks there are many things that families can experience. At Typhoon Lagoon there are thrill rides, some rides have small drops in them. At Blizzard Beach unlike Typhoon Lagoon; the drops are bigger but there are some rides with small drops

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