Lennie Should Be Treated In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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Are people with mental disabilities, who have killed people, actually innocent? People, including those with mental disabilities, are still human beings. They should be treated as such. Yes, the court should be aware of that fact and consider if the fact may alter their decision. On the other hand, that person needs to earn a punishment. In John Steinbeck’s novel Of Mice and Men, Lennie is the one portrayed as a man with a mental disability. George, by the end of the book, made a final decision. He decided that he was impelled to kill Lennie. Although it may be reasonable not to kill Lennie, it can be argued that he should be killed. Lennie should not be killed, he has not done anything wrong. He has a mental disorder and has a tough time understanding certain situations. However, the men would not have taken that into consideration in the heat of that moment. They just wanted to get it over with so that Lennie would not have been in any sort of pain anymore. He is innocent and often has trouble understanding what he is doing. Though, he should have been monitored more …show more content…

This is an important topic considering how relatable this book truly is today. There is a great deal of people in this world who do actually suffer from mental disabilities. If an individual were to kill a person and that individual had a mental disability, would that fact be taken into consideration? Or would it just be ignored and have that individual just obtain a sentencing to the death penalty? Some may argue that it is not fair to ignore that fact. Others argue that it would be fair. Why would it not be fair? People who suffer from mental disabilities truly have a difficult time thinking about if this task is wrong or if this task is right. That does not imply if they happen to kill someone, they should just get away with it. There are always consequences after something unacceptable has been

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