Letter To John Proctor Essay

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Dear God, why have you neglected me? What do you need from me? What could it be that you needed me to do? I did all that I could to help the poor souls and now I have turned into their killer rather than their saviour. Eminent Father, excuse me for I knew not what I was doing. Dear, sweet Rebecca Nurse shall be hung! Poor John Proctor, his notoriety scattered to the twist, all for the sake of doing right. I have not been as equitable as he has, and he is the heathen! Goodness, I fear I am to be faulted for this confusion, accomplishing more damage than help. On the off chance that I had thought those young ladies were lying I could never have endeavoured anything, anything by any stretch of the imagination. Where did I turn out badly? Is it true that I was too certain about my capacity,…show more content…
I have greatly need of you. Your interminable worker needs you desperately. I just require that you help me do well in your eyes. How, Lord? If you don 't mind I ask of you, let me know how! I might wish for just the pleasure of bowing before you in heaven one day. I entreat you! I have tremendous need of your direction! If you don 't mind, satisfy! I look for your all-powerful guide and advice. For beforehand scrutinizing your grand works, I apologize, dear Father. It was wicked, and obviously you did as you saw fit. Despite the fact that I have trespassed greatly, I need to atone and be spared by your phenomenal grace! Forget me, Father, for I have trespassed and in this way merit this, your natural hellfire, my life now neighbour to barbarians. You called me to this business; I am unwilling to think you wish to relinquish me. I am losing my confidence, Lord. I have no confidence in mankind any longer. Kindly don 't give me question by abandoning me. All I request that is recognize what you wish me to do. I would kneel before you and ask as reverently as I know how, on the off chance that you, most sympathetic and benevolent Lord, could elucidate the

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