Liesel Gain Power In The Book Thief

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In the Book Thief Liesel Meminger and Rudy Steiner struggle to gain power against Hitler in their own way, which is stealing books and food from the privileged. In the story there are many instances when Liesel steals books, whether it’s from a book burning or from Ilsa, the mayors’ wife, to gain self-empowerment. Also there are many instances where Rudy steals food from the privileged and in some cases he gave it to poor or Jewish people. In the story Liesel steals books many times. The first instance Liesel steals a book is when her brother dies. The book is called the Gravedigger’s Handbook and she steals after the gravedigger leaves the book on the ground. Liesel doesn’t get power necessarily …show more content…

In the story The Book Thief Liesel also gains power from her friends and family. Liesel learns to read and write from Hans who is her father. She also gets her ability to rush into things without thinking. One example is when she tries to find Max out of the Jews walking through the street. She goes and does what she feels is right which is exactly what Han did when he stood up for the Jew who was being taken from his store, but unlike Liesel Hans was punished for it. Liesel also gains power from Rudy. When she is around Rudy she is more willing to take risks and. She also seems less scared when she is around Rudy, which leads to the point that she gains power from him. Another person Liesel gains power from is Max because he believes in her and trusts her. When the time comes, as I said earlier, she goes against the crowd to look for Max. The reason for this is their powerful bond as friends. Liesel also gains power from Ilsa because she gives her a book to write her own story which gives her the power of words. The power of words is a greatly significant point in this story because during this time in Germany no one went against the oppressing government. Rosa gives Liesel power because she provides a rock/foundation for Liesel. Liesel doesn’t always realize it but Rosa has Liesel’s best interests in mind. I also think death gives her power because even after everyone dies she still has the will to move on. Also death has

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