Life Ain T No Crystal Stair Chapter 1 Summary

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Chapters 18­20 depict how something so special to you can be taken right out of your life. Often people can be taken for granted and such as with the time they give or the love they give. In these couple of chapters there was to be a bad hurricane. Janie and Tea Cake her husband had been warned they did not listen to the warnings and were eventually caught into the storm. This ultimately resulted in the loss of friends and houses along with the lost of Tea Cake her third husband which was bitten by a rabid dog and given rabies. Janie’s life changed she spent her money and her time once Tea Cake had gotten sick to the point where he could not even drink water. Situations like this show how a strong marriage is supposed to work because in your loved ones time of need that’s when it is most important to be by their side. Janie never left Tea Cakes side although he attempted to murder her resulting in his death she always remained faithful and a good wife. Janie clearly believes the terms “In Sickness and In Health, Till Death Do Us Part” showing the basis of a strong marriage. Things like this are very important in today’s society giving references to the way life is because as it has also been stated by another famous author/poet “Life Ain’t No Crystal Stair”.…show more content…
Chapters 18­20 really deal with the concepts of never giving up or wishing for things in a different light. The whole book encompasses how to never let go of your hopes and find something or someone that will make you happy until the end. The overall point of the book is to encourage and empower people to be prepared and give the best you have to offer in everything you do or go through. Janie encompasses the characteristics of a strong and beautiful African American
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