Life Beyond Addiction: SMART Recovery Scenarios

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Self-Help Reflection
Video 1: SMART Recovery The video "Life Beyond Addiction - Bonita Fraley" features a woman named Bonita Fraley, who is approximately 30-40 years old, who shares her experience with addiction. In the video, Fraley discusses her history of alcohol use and drug use as a mother. She reported depending on her own mother to support her son and take care of him while she was battling with addiction. In 2018, her mother passed away and quickly thereafter she did not have the "safety net" of her mother for support in parenting. After her mother passed away, Fraley lost guardianship of her son to her sister when he was 13 years old. This served as a pivotal moment for her in her battles against addiction. She wanted to "win" by restoring her guardianship rights, which was her largest motivator for recovery. In the video, she reported that her sense of autonomy increased as she started making decisions for herself. She found Self-Management and Recovery Training (SMART) recovery meetings after researching treatment interventions online. SMART Recovery is a secular program serving individuals with addictions through support group discussions. Discussions may include topics such as building and maintaining motivation, …show more content…

Fraley, in her video, described how her mother was a major source of support for her while she was battling addiction. After her mother passed away and her son was placed in the system, SMART recovery groups took her mother's place in providing her a safe haven outside of her immediate family. Moreover, self-help groups can be an important component of treatment and recovery. Self-help groups offer individuals with substance use disorders the opportunity to connect with others who are going through similar experiences. This can provide a sense of community and a source of support for patients, which can be especially valuable during the recovery

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