Life During The Holocaust By Elie Wiesel And Anne Frank

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Elie Wiesel and Anne Frank both lived through the Holocaust. Elie spent most of this time in Auschwitz, Poland and Anne spent most of her time in Bergen-Belson, Germany. Although they both had different experiences, it is obvious they both endured many hardships; however both Wiesel and Frank lived through life and death circumstances. But their lives ended so differently.

Elie Wiesel’s life during the Holocaust was devastating, for example the passage states “he was starved and badly treated”, “both his parents and younger sister were killed during the Holocaust”. He was sent to the concentration camp in Poland when he was only 15 years old. He worked during the camps, he was one of the lucky ones. Because he worked this was one of the reasons …show more content…

Anne Frank Born 06/12/1929 in Germany, on January 30, 1933 Anne and her family were forced to move to the Netherlands. This was because it was no longer safe in Germany for her Jewish family, the Netherlands was a safer place for the Jews. Anne’s father later said” Though it did hurt me deeply, I realized Germany was not the world, and I left my country forever.” But on September 1, 1939 the Nazi invaded the Netherlands. Anne and her family were mistreated and all because they were Jewish. It became hard for Anne, she was put into a segregated Jewish school, her father even had to give up his title in his business. On June 12, 1942 Anne got a diary for her birthday, this will later be the reason we know Anne Frank’s story. On July 5, 1942 Anne’s family were forced into hiding; it was no longer safe for their family to live in the outside world. She wrote in her diary “ The world will keep turning without me, and I can’t do anything to change events anyway.” The family spent two years in hiding, it wasn't till August 4, 1944 that the family was found by the police, they arrested everyone in hiding. They had been betrayed by an anonymous tip, the person still remains unknown to this day. Anne’s family were sent to concentration camps, Anne Frank and her sister died from Typhus one day from each other in March 1945, they caught this because of unsanitary living

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