Annene Frank: The Diary Of Anne Frank

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Have you ever heard about Anne Frank also known as the Diary of Anne Frank? If you have not this would be a great way to learn about her and what happened to her at a young age of fifteen years old. Annelies Marie Frank was born on June 12th, 1929. She died in February or March, 1945 they still are not sure if she died in February or March. Relatives they know about Otto Frank her father, Edith Hollander her mother, Margot Frank her sister, and Buddy Elias Anne’s cousin. When she was a young girl and she had a diary that she wrote in all the time. The last thing she wrote in her diary was the quote “In spite of everything I still believe that people are really good at heart.

Anne lived near Amsterdam most of her life she had to move to the Netherlands with her family at the age of four when the Nazis gained control over Germany she was born in Frankfurt Germany. In May 1940 the Franks were trapped in Amsterdam by the Germans. Everyone that lived in Amsterdam in their small hiding was found in August 1944 after their arrests they were all transported to concentration camps. A few months later they were all separated from each other, other than Anne and Margot they died at a camp called Auschwitz a few months after they arrived due to typhus fever. Everyone that stayed in the secret hiding place had not survived other than Otto Frank he returned to Amsterdam after the war ended after the war he found her diary that had been saved by a helper named Miep Gies. Where he found

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