Westerbork Concentration Camp

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Westerbork What is Westerbork.westerbork is a concentration camp.Westerbork was built on October 1939.The camp was built for exterminate camp for Jews.A gas chamber according to the Germans was meant to kill those who were unworthy of life. Hitler was the creator of the holocaust.He started as the chancellor of Germany,but he wanted more than that soon he rose to power and and took over Germany.Adolf Hitler hated Jews so much that he almost killed them all. Soon all those innocent people that Hitler killed got to him and he committed suicide by shooting himself. Westerbork was named after a vilige named westerbork.On October 9 1939 750 prisoners arived at the camp for the frist time.Weman children old people,and people with disabilities got killed as soon as they arrived to the camp.At camp wsterbork more than100,000 people were deported in 93trans porters to Westerbork camp.The prisoners where brutally beat for sometimes nothing at all. …show more content…

Measuring were to finish from protection of Jewish property The amount of Jews that died at Westerbork was 34,313. When Westerbork was freed the last train that left Westerbork was on September 13,1944 caring 77 young children who had been taken away from their hiding by the nazis. Westerbork was liberated April 12,1945 and 876 prisoners were set free when the Canadian army came upon the camp. During the holocaust a famous girl named Anne frank came to Westerbork. She was famous because she held onto a diary the holocaust and wrote all her notes in it.Anne and her sister were killed on March 1945.Her diary is now read by millions of people all over the world.Anne frank thought that only she was going to read

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