Irena Sendlerowa Hero

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During WWII close to 400,000 people were taken to Warsaw Ghetto, a 1.3 square mile space where disease and hunger was abundant. It was constructed with "10-foot-high walls topped with barbed wire" ( Nazi guards surrounded the entire Ghetto shooting anyone who attempted to escape. Anyone who survived living there would be sent to Treblinka Concentration Camp, where they would be killed. No Jews ever came out alive from that place. ( This would have been the only home many jews would know today if nobody stood up and fought to stop that from happening. Irena Sendlerowa, also known as Irena Sendler was one of the few people who had the courage to try and fight against what was happening, making her a hero. Irena’s father died on February, 1917 when she was just 7 years old. He was the one that told her, “if you see a person drowning, you must jump into the water to save them, whether you can swim or not” -Stanisław Krzyżanowski. This is a big reason why she had the courage to do what she did. Because she saved many people, raised money for those who needed it, and persevered even after many near-death experiences, Irena definitely deserves the status of a hero.…show more content…
When the jar filled with all of the names of the children Irena had taken out of Warsaw was discovered, she started on the difficult task of finding everyone. Many children still remembered her, the person who allowed them to live their life. A book and a play were written in order to help raise money to help people who Irena and others like her were able to help escape. This foundation has raised over $70,000 to pay for medical needs and other needs of other holocaust survivors. Not only did she allow many people to survive, she also raised money to help them. Even after Irena’s death on May 12, 2008, this foundation has kept her legacy alive and is still working on helping
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