Life In The Elizabethan Era Research Paper

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Brianne Aguilar
Mcintosh 1 - 2
October 24th
Life in the Elizabethan Era
Life in the Elizabethan Era isn’t the bright fairytale milieu you’d expect from a Shakespeare story. This era lasted from 1558 to 1603 and was reigned by Queen Elizabeth I. This epoch is called the Golden Era because of it’s boom in renaissance-like arts and fine literature. Although this period had a lot going for it, a growing amount of dread plagued the lives of this period.
Life was grim in this era because of the unfavorable settings people had to live through. There were several plagues afflicting and killing thousands of people, some of these being the Bubonic plague, smallpox or syphilis. Rats infested the compact towns of London, and this caused such plagues
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