Lincoln Memorial Speech Analysis

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Martin Luther King Jr, a civil rights leader during the 50’s and 60’s, gives the speech,
I Have A Dream, on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial (August 28, 1963) with the hope of inspiring the African American community to pursue freedom that they have been longing for many years. King Jr sets up his speech by having confidence in himself, which is always important in giving a speech. King Jr’s goal is to bring hope that freedom is around the corner in order to have more people join the cause against social injustice. King Jr is speaking, almost preaching, to an enormous crowd of 250,000 citizens who are tired of the racism and injustice that pollute the United States of America. King Jr, also known as MLK, marches on the streets of D.C with 250,000 other American citizens to “cash a check” as he later states. He climbs up the stairs of the Lincoln Memorial and looks out over the vast crowd standing around the …show more content…

It is actually a fact that 35 Red Cross stations treated 1,335 people by the end of the march. Even though this was a rough day to have to endure, it is not even close to what most of these Americans had to put up with on a day to day basis. All of their life many of these in attendance have went through many trials and tribulations in their life. I also think about the 60,000 whites that were at the speech. They have gone against the grain of society that says blacks are a minority. They stand and say that blacks are not my inferior but my brother and sister. I believe this to be a massive statement. On this day in history, a stand for freedom was made. A stand that was not only on that day but days before and after. Martin Luther King Jr was shot and killed five years later in Memphis, Tennessee. But his speech still resonates in the hearts and lives of millions of us today, that freedom is worth the wait. We also must lay hold to this freedom and never let it

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